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The New Geography of Jobs - Book Review

Being immersed in the world of career development for a better part of 15 years, it was with enthusiasm I reviewed Moretti’s The New Geography of Jobs. A must-read for education professionals of any rank and status. In The New Geography of Jobs, Moretti’s key argument is that today’s socioeconomic stratification is education vs. geography proposing where one resides has a far greater impact on earnings than does one's degree. The author also argues geography profoundly influences life trajectory in terms of wellness, longevity, and political involvement. The book takes the reader through an important historical journey of the American workforce from the economic prosperity of the agrarian society through the great industrial revolution leading up to the 1980s when the American economy bifurcated, a phenomenon called the “Great Divergence” or the sorting of Americans by geography. This didn’t happen overnight, of course, but with the rise in technology, the shift from the industrial age to the informational age seemed to happen overnight, causing the “Great Divergence” to take effect. 

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