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Enroll in the Facilitating Career Developments Course Starting March 1st, 2024

It is hard to believe we are two months into the new year! For many, including myself, the start of 2024-like every year-brought with it resolutions and commitments to career advancement and skill enhancement. 

I’m very good at setting goals and making lists, especially when new office supplies are involved! Hand me a blank journal and a nice pen, and you’d be amazed at what I plan to accomplish. 

Yet, as the initial enthusiasm of the new year (and new office supplies) wanes and the daily routines of work and life set in, actually sticking to one’s goals can become a formidable challenge. 

Career coaching is about nurturing and supporting the clients goals-keeping them on track and motivating them to stick with it as the grind of achieving their goals set in. This is one thing I love about being a career coach - I get to help clients define and set goals and strategize ways to achieve, and then motivate them towards [their version of] success. 

Since no two clients are the same, this process - among other charges of a career coach - takes skill and varying technique.

How do we as career coaches and professional development specialists hone this skill and learn to vary our technique? How do we devise new and creative ways to ensure clients stay on track? How do we implement innovative coaching strategies so our clients can overcome job search slumps or career indecision? How do we shift our coaching styles to motivate a diverse clientele? 

This is where structured learning and expert guidance step in as critical allies in your quest for advancing your own expertise in the field. Coaching is about teaching and developing and guiding your clients. But it is also about learning and growing and challenging yourself. 

Enter the Facilitating Career Development (FCD) course, starting on March 1st, 2024. This course is designed to provide participants with the foundational skills and insights necessary for effective career planning and progression. Whether you're working with clients who seek guidance making a career pivot, work more with clients on job search and advancement success, or are interested in simply polishing up on your own skills in the field, the FCD course offers valuable instruction, resources, faculty and peer support to help you navigate the complexities your clients face in the job market and workplace.

Why Enroll in the FCD Course?

The FCD course is not just another online class; it's a transformative learning experience designed and delivered by seasoned career coaches and industry experts. Here's why this course could be a game-changer for you:

  • Expert Guidance: Learn from professionals who have navigated their career paths successfully and can provide real-world insights and advice.

  • Practical Skills: The course focuses on practical, actionable strategies that you can apply immediately to your career development efforts.

  • Flexibility: Designed for busy professionals, the course offers a flexible schedule that allows you to learn at your own pace without compromising your current job or responsibilities.

  • Community Support: Join a community of like-minded individuals who are also looking to grow their careers. This network can provide support, motivation, and potentially open up new career opportunities.

  • Earn a Credential in your Field: This course leads to multiple recognized credentials in the field of career development and services delivery.

  • Join a community of like minded graduates: Once your journey is done, join an exclusive club of graduates who continue their learning journey, with access to free resources, giveaways, CEU learning and more!

Enroll Today!

As we continue through 2024, revisit the "Why" behind your career goals. Why do you want to advance or change your career, and why is it important for you to grow professionally? If you're seeking a structured, supportive environment to help transform your career aspirations into achievements, the Facilitating Career Development course is here for you.

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