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Career Coaching

Your partner in growth

A career coach is a skilled advisor who helps you to hone your message, materials (i.e., resume, cover letters), and job search strategy, as well as evaluates your networking techniques, prepares you for interviewing, and builds confidence through feedback and insight. A career coach serves as an accountability partner to help you stay focused as you map out a strategy for career growth

Let me help you


Career Clarity

Career Change? Looking for something completely different? No idea where to begin?


Secure Your Dream Job

Know what you want but don't know how to get it? Need to kickstart your search into high gear? Feeling unmotivated or paralyzed with the search?

Why career coaching

Setting and achieving goals can be difficult and overwhelming, and change is hard even for those who embrace it. Having the support and guidance needed during times of transition or indecision can be extremely helpful in mapping a course of discovery and action. A career coach can be that support system.


How I can help:

  • career change

  • job search

  • networking 

  • interview preparation

  • career-related documents support (resume, vita, cover letter, portfolio)

  • professional presence/communication

  • confidence-building 

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