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Executive Outplacement

Executive outplacement is a service offered to outbound executives that aids them on their search for a new role outside of their original company.

I provide tailored support to companies seeking to assist their employees through high-impact career transitions. As part of a severance package, companies engage my services to guide their former employees through the complexities of today’s job market, ensuring a smooth and successful transition to new opportunities.

transition your executive or senior staff

Evaluation at Desk

Helping companies

in facilitating executives' transition to optimal outcomes

Active Retirement
The retirement scheme offers a customized, actionable approach to retirement living, designed to assist executives in their transition to retirement.

Portfolio Careers

Opportunities for executives to enhance their capabilities in both familiar and new sectors.

Consulting and Entrepreneurship
Executives are provided with professional coaching assistance for entering the consulting field or developing a business strategy.

Professional Roles
Executives might opt to shift their careers towards roles in private equity, educational institutions, corporate boards, or executive-level positions.

This program includes:

  • Strategic Career Path Mapping

  • Social Media Presence

  • Marketing Materials

  • Interview Preparation

  • Network/Contact Development

  • Research Capability

  • Negotiations

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