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Abstract Background

coach - author - educator - researcher - consultant - strategist

I’m thrilled you’re here.


Please take a moment to explore my site where you’ll learn a little about me and some of the projects I've worked on to get a sense of how we can collaborate.


Staff Development


​In 2005, I founded Career In Progress, an executive and career coaching practice dedicated to helping professionals seek advancement in their careers. 


As part of that mission, I also educate and support aspiring and seasoned career coaches. 


Specifically, I ...

  • help individuals in career transition search for fulfilling career alignment

  • coach executives ready to advance within their professional space 

  • teach career professionals tools and techniques to advance their coaching practice

  • facilitate classes that lead to credentialing for career professionals 

  • research on various career-related topics

  • publish on workforce trends, labor market, and the career landscape 


Boyer's scholarship

Scholarship of discovery:

current projects


  • co-authoring article on AI and ethical use in research and publishing

  • working on a 2nd edition of cases in career services publication

  • researching how space impacts belonging and career choice


Scholarship of teaching:

current projects

  • developing a modular self-exploration course for job seekers

  • developing a modular course for career coaches on coaching with confidence and using assessments in coaching

Scholarship of application:

current projects

  • recently developed a teambuilding workshop series using the MBTI/MBTI App, which looks at communication, stress, problem-solving, and time management/ organization. The goal of this APP is to improve workplace culture

Scholarship of integration:

current projects

  • researching and applying the impact of AI and Chat GPT tools on the coaching practice

  • developing an advanced qualitative research curriculum resource guide

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