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Career Coaches

This section is dedicated to advancing the skills and competencies of career coaches who work with clients in a variety of settings (higher ed, K-12, workforce development, private practice, corporate, and non-profit). All coaches need a coach. Click the link below to learn why.

Crystal Salt

Facilitating Career Developments (FCD)

A fully online course intended for professionals and paraprofessionals who provide career-related services in a variety of settings such as higher education, K-12 schools, government agencies, business and industry, private practice, and community-based organizations.


Completing the course enables individuals to work more effectively in any career-focused setting, incorporating career literacy and skills development in their work with students, adults, clients, employees, or the public.

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career coaching


Career Coaching: Fundamentals, Applications, and Future Directions is both compass and telescope.  Heather’s expert lens, deep lessons from history, sharp awareness of client needs, honest assessment of program trends, and clarity about interventions are what I’ve searched for and now found! Translating solid literature, and a wide scan of futuristic tools and models, she’s created the most compact, easy-to-use roadmap about where career coaches are headed, what they can deliver, and how they can expand reach and impact. Far beyond the hype, her insights are priceless, and you’ll find the same.

      -  Rich Feller Ph.D, LPC, JCTC , Professor and University Distinguished Professor, Colorado State University.

train the trainer

I offer a variety of coaching services to advance your career coaching skills.
  • Learn strategies when meeting with clients to discuss their current career situation, their existing prospects, and both short- and long-term professional goals

  • Discover new ways to assess a client's professional skills to determine ideal career matches

  • Crafting resumes cover letters and other application documents with the client

  • Uncover the latest techniques for searching for jobs that align with the client's skills and career aspirations

  • Improve your communication and facilitation skills

  • Learn how to help a client in salary negotiations and market research 

  • Become more confident in the art of questioning 

Contact me to see how I can help you develop different perspectives and achieve the outcomes you’re striving for.
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