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 Executive coaching, training for career service professionals, and individual career coaching for those seeking a career change.

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Career Coaching

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Facilitating Career Developments Course

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Executive Coaching


As a Board Certified executive and career coach (BCC), I provide five-star professional development, staying current with workforce fluctuations and demands. My coaching is strength-based, grounded in positive psychology, and tailored to your personal goals. I have recently been recognized as one of the Top Executive Coaches by Coach Foundation for my expertise in the field. If you are ready to move your career forward, let's work together to facilitate positive change focused on your objectives.

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The T-model configures academic and professional development in a way that allows institutions to provide students with a solid foundation, built through rich academic and co-curricular experiences so they can adapt to the evolving workplace. In this volume, readers are introduced to the dynamics of the workplace that generate the need for T-professionals.

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This new monograph overviews the practice of career coaching. Techniques, ethics, theories and models, and assessments are shared to increase knowledge and proficiency in delivering career coaching services to diverse clientele. Themes for the future of career coaching related to workforce demands are included, as well as a fully stocked appendix for use by coaches in practice. This publication will offer ways to deliver coaching with purpose, help you navigate the coaching process with confidence, and equip you with a toolkit full of possibilities

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