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Embarking on a career transition can feel like stepping into the unknown, especially when you're unsure about your next steps. Many individuals feel stuck in their current roles but lack clarity on what path to pursue.

Lack of clarity was what Rossella R. felt before reaching out to Dr. Heather Maietta, founder of Career In Progress. Rosella shared, "When I started working with Heather, I had been in the same role at the same company for over 10 years. I was burnt out. I knew I wanted a change but didn't know what I wanted to do or how to approach what to me was a daunting task."

During their work together, Rossella expressed her concerns about her career path. Even though she had clarity on her strengths and knew her skill set, she felt overwhelmed by the prospect of updating her resume and navigating a job search. Recognizing the need for guidance and an accountability partner, Rossella found solace in Dr. Maietta's insights and support.

After listening to her concerns, Dr. Maietta helped Rosella transition smoothly. As Rossella would later describe herself, "Heather guided me in understanding why I thought a particular role was a good fit or why I thought I might enjoy doing a particular type of work. It made the job search more thoughtful and helped me overcome the trepidation of letting go of my old job."

Today, Rossella is thriving in her new role, feeling fulfilled and engaged in her work. The journey with her career coach helped her find clarity and gave her the confidence to pursue her interests. Looking back on her experience, Rosella feels that working with a career coach helped her make the career transition she wanted and gave her a deeper understanding of herself. From her perspective, "The experience was helpful in reinforcing what I knew and in nudging me to investigate things I might not have considered about myself and what "work" means to me."

This story is just one example of how working with a career coach can transform your professional life. If you're feeling stuck or uncertain about your career path, consider contacting a professional who can provide guidance, support, and encouragement along the way.

Rossella advises those considering reaching out to a career coach: "Do it! We rely on experts every day- doctors, mechanics, personal trainers. When changing careers, get a career coach. Invest in yourself."

If you find yourself at a career crossroads, consider seeking guidance from a career coach who can provide the support and encouragement you need to navigate the journey ahead. Career clarity and professional fulfillment are well within reach if you have a solid support system.

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